Call for Papers: The First Cryptoeconomics Research Prize

January 09, 2019

Call for Papers: The First Cryptoeconomics Research Prize

Have you conducted cryptoeconomics research? Do you want to win €1500? We are pleased to announce our sponsorship of the first cryptoeconomics research prize.

Kaiko and Aseth will be sponsoring the ‘Asseth-Kaiko Prize for Research in Cryptoeconomics’ to be awarded at the Tokenomics conference this May. Tokenomics is an international conference on blockchain economics, security, and protocols whose goal is to bring together economists, computer scientists, and practitioners in a forum setting. Researchers are invited to submit their blockchain and cryptoeconomics work by January 15.

There is no participation fee for the conference, to be held May 6–7. The “best paper,” as decided by a panel of judges, will receive a prize of 1,500 euros. Selected academic presentations will be published in the proceedings of the conference.

More information on the submission of papers can be found here or head to We hope that all researchers in the blockchain space will answer this call for papers.