Kaiko Data Powers Historical Backesting on Coinrule Platform

July 01, 2019

Kaiko Data Powers Historical Backesting on Coinrule Platform

No trading strategy is complete without proper historical backtesting. Smaller investors often lack the resources and technical training required to access this data; thus, we are excited that our extensive historical datasets will be made accessible to a wider variety of investors through Coinrule’s platform.

Coinrule is a platform for cryptocurrency traders that allows hobby traders, professionals and funds to create automated trading rules via its native visual editor without needing any programming skills or advanced infrastructure. Kaiko will be providing granular historical cryptocurrency data for their platform, allowing users to backtest trading strategies across thousands of cryptoassets.

We hope to see our historical market data empower traders to thoroughly research their strategies prior to implementation, which will ultimately boost professionalism in the industry.

“Data is power, and leveling the playing field for investors is our mission. A synergy between Kaiko and Coinrule can leverage both visions to further democratize wealth.” — Gabriele Musella, CEO & Co-Founder

Learn more details about the Coinrule and Kaiko’s data partnership here.