Kaiko Newsletter: Partnerships, Conferences, and More Market Data

November 09, 2018

Hello subscribers!

The past two weeks have been bursting with activity — our dev team just returned from devcon iv in Prague, where they spent a whirlwind week meeting with innovative projects in the space. Additionally, we have new data partnerships to announce! And of course, we are working tirelessly on our new market data products and delivery channels.


Partnership with Messari

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Messari, a leading voice for transparency in the cryptoeconomy. Kaiko market data will contribute to Messari’s data platform, helping them fulfil their mission of bringing transparency for all actors in the crypto-asset industry. Messari’s extensive datasets and analytics along with Kaiko’s market data offerings will help researchers, investors, and regulators make informed decisions in the industry.


Partnership with Sanostro

Additionally, Kaiko and Sanostro will partner to deliver enhanced connectivity and financial tools for institutional investors. Sanostro is a platform for market timing intelligence sourced from leading systematic managers. Together, we will help Sanostro deliver a highly innovative and competitive market timing platform for the crypto space.


Where Can You Meet Us Next?

Next week, our CEO Ambre will be in London for Blockchain Venture Summit, a conference for leading investors and founders in the space. In two weeks, the Kaiko team will be heading to NYC for Consensus Invest where we will be hosting a booth.

Please reach out to pre-book a time to speak with us — we are happy to sit down and discuss your market data requirements.


Kaiko Data Delivery Channels

This week, we want to emphasize the utility of having multiple data delivery channels for different use cases. Kaiko offers the same consistent and quality data across several channels. Data can be delivered to your data repository through our Data Feed, retrieved via our Cryptocurrency Market Data API, or accessed through our livestream services (currently in beta).

A Data Feed subscription includes an automated daily push of all required market data — tick-by-tick, order book, OHLCV, and VWAP data in .csv format — directly to your data repository. We also offer one-off pushes of historical data sets. This flat-file delivery channel is ideal for backfilling large amounts of data, market research, data science, and more. 

If you are interested in live or recent market data, our intuitive API is ideal. Our API delivery channel is perfect for third-party integrations, live indices, on-going visualizations, and more.

Read our documentation here.

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