Crypto FIGI®

Financial Instrument Global Identifiers for Crypto Assets

What is FIGI®?

Financial Instrument Global Identifier (FIGI) is an established global standard issued under the guidelines of the Object Management Group. It is a 12 character, alphanumeric, randomly generated ID covering hundreds of millions of active and inactive instruments. FIGI closes the gap in existing symbology systems by providing coverage across all global asset classes. With FIGI, firms are able to tie together disparate and fragmented symbologies, eliminate redundant mapping processes, streamline the trade workflow and reduce operational risk. 

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All crypto FIGIs are assigned at the asset, pair, and instrument level and can be viewed on Kaiko's Instrument Explorer.

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Kaiko is Certified Provider for crypto FIGIs, working with Bloomberg as Registered Authority under the auspices of Object Management Group.

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If you require a FIGI for a traded crypto asset, pair or instrument not currently available, contact us and we can assign them accordingly.  

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The OpenFIGI API is free and publicly available, allowing you to enhance your mapping processes for clean and reliable reference data.


Crypto FIGI Granularity

FIGIs are assigned at three levels of granularity: asset, currency pair, and instrument. Application of the FIGI hierarchy in this way will provide all market players with improved operability, greater transparency and a broader view across the sector. The FIGI standard is compatible and complements alternative standards.