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Kaiko is a rapidly growing fintech startup in the digital assets industry with an international presence. Our mission is to be the foundation of the new digital finance economy, which promises to expand financial opportunity and inclusion globally. We do this by empowering market participants with accurate, transparent, and actionable crypto data to be leveraged for a range of market activities including strategy backtesting, in-depth research, valuation, analytics, and integrations.

About the Job


As a data analyst, you will build and own libraries for data visualization and internal tooling formultiple teams. You will help with all things related to accessing and formatting Kaiko’s marketdata sourced from REST APIs and RT APIs. This may include anything from writing custompython scripts, connecting to external data sources, building API tutorials, and creating customdatasets. We are looking for someone with a strong competency in data-driven codinglanguages, and a willingness to learn the ins and outs of financial market data and perfect theircoding skills

Your Missions

General Tasks: You will own, develop, and maintain Kaiko’s data visualization toolkit, powering both research activity and product operations:

(i) A set of python based scripts and associated tutorials, relying on Kaiko’s data services (bothREST and RT APIs)

(ii) Javascript based dashboarding tool to build and maintain, relying on the aforementionedpython libraries, data visualization oriented.

(iii) Operational support to the research team using tableau as a data visualisation tool.

(iv) Depending on stakeholders needs, you may also build custom integrations with external sources of data, such as Reuters, FRED, Quandl, OpenExchangeRates, etc. You will serve as the responsive problem-solver for any data visualization needs that Kaiko’s team may have when relying on data-driven content.Your mission will be supervised by the Product Manager who has initiated the tooling effort at Kaiko.

Must Have

● Experience manipulating datasets with python.

Nice to Have

The ability to manipulate datasets and create charts with data visualization languages ortools such as Javascript, R and Tableau (either know already or ability to learn)● An understanding of economic datasets, such as derivatives, order books, trades, OHLCV,etc

Additional Information

• Contract type: Alternance

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