Kaiko Exchange Ranking

A classification of centralized cryptocurrency exchanges based on a proprietary methodology

Commercial Use

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Ranking Methodology

Detailed scoring and weighting

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Legal & Compliance

Assesses the exchange policy in terms of KYC/AML, market surveillance, country risk, financial regulation, and insurance coverage.



Measures the maturity and the quality of the exchange's business by leveraging platform’s age, the strength of the team and the product offer.



Evaluates the capacity of an exchange’s platform to provide market-level information through widely adopted distribution standards, while ensuring a significant level of infrastructure reliability.


Data Quality

Measures the diversity of public market data (trades, OHLCV and order books) and the capacity of the exchange to provide real-time feeds or historical data.



Assesses the capacity of the exchange to provide a sufficient level of security and protection to their users while mitigating the occurence of security breach.



Evaluates the level and stability of trading activity but also the quality and reliability of the liquidity publicly reported by the exchange platform.

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