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Flat-file delivery of historical and on-going data across 31+ exchanges and 6,000+ currency pairs

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Since 2014, Kaiko has been building an extensive database of historical cryptocurrency trade and order book data from leading exchanges. Our data tracks top assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and 1,000+ altcoins. Through our Data Feed delivery option, you can purchase a one-off historical cryptocurrency dataset or subscribe to on-going daily market data.

We Integrate With:

Binance cryptocurrency historical data KaikoCoinbase cryptocurrency historical data APIBitfinex cryptocurrency historical data KaikoBitmex cryptocurrency historical data Kaiko
Gemini cryptocurrency historical data KaikoKraken cryptocurrency historical data KaikoPoloniex cryptocurrency historical data KaikoOkex cryptocurrency historical data Kaiko
Bitflyer cryptocurrency historical data KaikoHuobi cryptocurrency historical data KaikoBitstamp cryptocurrency historical data Kaikobithumb cryptocurrency historical data Kaiko

Data Types

Kaiko provides both raw and aggregated cryptocurrency data at multiple granularities.

Raw tick by tick cryptocurrency historical trade data Kaiko

Trade Data

Tick-by-tick trade data is our most granular data offering. It includes all trades executed on an exchange.

raw orderbook cryptocurrency data Kaiko


We provide level II 1%, 10%, and full order books across all exchanges and currency pairs.

historical cryptocurrency OHLCV data Kaiko


We offer numerous granularities of [Open, High, Low, Close, Volume] aggregated data ranging from 1 minute to 1 day.

VWAP cryptocurrency historical data Kaiko


We also provide [Volume Weighted Average Price] aggregated data ranging from 1 minute to 1 day.

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How It Works

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Browse our data using the search bar on our website or reach out to us at hello@kaiko.com for custom orders. Choose data based on exchange, asset, instrument, and data type.



Pay through our simple online checkout using popular cryptocurrencies, Paypal, and all major credit cards. On-going data subscriptions are billed monthly.


Data Delivery

We deliver historical and on-going data through our Data FeedWith our global cloud-based infrastructure, we can sync large amounts of data (.CSV) to your preferred data repository through a one-off historical data dump or with daily updates of on-going data, depending on your requirements. 

Need a Different Delivery Option?

Kaiko offers the same quality data across several delivery channels. Data can be delivered to your data repository through our Data Feed, retrieved via our Cryptocurrency Market Data API, or accessed through our livestream services.

Data Feed

Historical and on-going cryptocurrency data synchronized to your data repository (AWS S3, Google Storage, Azure, custom).

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Through our cryptocurrency API, access live and historical data with low-latency responses, scaled to handle massive user loads.

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Looking for real-time data delivery? Connect to our livestream service and receive a low latency live feed.

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