Historical Cryptocurrency Data

Downloadable CSV files available through Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform

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Seamless Historical Data Delivery

Cryptocurrency Data Through the Cloud

Granular cryptocurrency data can be extremely storage-heavy. Cloud storage providers like Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform simplify the data delivery process for large files, enabling us to seamlessly push massive historical datasets to our clients.

For data delivery, we ask all clients to set up a cloud bucket and then our team will push the historical data included in your license. All files are CSV format and organized in intuitive file structures as shown. 

How It Works

Select Data

Speak with our business team to build your custom data plan. To get started, email hello@kaiko.com.

Set Up

Set up and configure your cloud bucket for either Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.

Data Push

Receive a data dump  containing the history, data types and instruments that accompany your license. 

Daily Updates

(Optional) We can automatically push daily file updates containing the previous day's market data.  

Data Types Available in CSV Files

Trade Data

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ Tick-level trades
✓ OHLCV / VWAP: 1m - 1d

Full History and Daily Updates

Order Books

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ Tick-Level order books
✓ Order book snapshots

Full History and Daily Updates

Derivatives Analytics

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ All contract types and corresponding analytics

Full History

Pricing and Valuation

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ Custom file generation depending on valuation needs

Full History

Comprehensive Crypto Exchange Coverage 

100+ Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

100,000+ Traded Instruments

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