Institutional Sales - North America (NYC)

You will be joining the business team of a quickly growing start-up as a high-level manager for all North American institutional sales. You will have the independence to develop a US-based sales and business development strategy, while also working closely with the Paris-based business team. We are looking for someone “on-the-ground” in New York with the ability to meet with clients, travel to conferences, and provide unique and creative insights as we expand into new markets. This work will require creativity, independence, and a highly experienced knowledge set about financial markets participants and data. This job is designed for those passionate about bridging the gap between the digital assets industry and traditional financial markets.


  • Serve as our New York office head, expanding Kaiko throughout North America
  • Work with high-level clients such as financial institutions, data vendors and regulators to build relationships and acquire new clients.
  • Attend and speak at conferences, events, and meet-ups to form industry connections and expand the Kaiko brand.
  • Help develop product roadmaps based on client requests and interactions.
  • Lead our development and expansion through creative business, marketing, and product strategies.


  • 8+ years experience working as a high-level sales or business development manager in the financial industry.
  • Familiarity with the complexities of financial market data and products, ideally through previous work experience.
  • Detailed understanding of relationship management and sales pipelines for high-level clients. 
  • The ability to design complex business development plans based on current industry requirements. 
  • The ability to think ahead and anticipate client requests, conduct extensive market and product research, and work closely with the business and product team. 
  • Excellent written and verbal skills. 

Added Bonus (not required):

  • The ability to write marketing articles and lead high-level publicity campaigns targeting both digital assets market participants and the traditional financial sector. 
  • Knowledge about the cryptocurrency industry and key market players. 
  • Experience developing financial product methodologies for indices, reference rates, and exchange rates.


  1. Phone screening or skype call (20mins)
  2. If based in NYC, additional remote screening by additional team members (60 minutes each). 
  3. On-site meeting in Paris or NYC with members of the business team and our CEO (30mins)

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