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The most advanced live data distribution service in the cryptocurrency industry

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What is Kaiko Stream?

At its core, Stream enables our clients to build custom market data feeds through simple and intuitive commands with a light infrastructure cost. This first-of-its-kind data service is designed to match the infrastructural robustness of traditional financial data feeds.

Data Designed for Enterprise Use

cryptocurrency backtesting data

Extensive Coverage

Live order books, trades, reference rates, derivatives analytics and more. 

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Efficient Messaging Technology

Powerful gRPC technology leveraged for high quality data delivery.

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Comprehensive SDK

Fully maintained SDK's in your preferred language for effortless integrations.

cryptocurrency backtesting data

Highly Customizable

Build data feeds with custom calculations, frequencies and channelling.

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Low Infrastructure Requirements

Filter data upstream which enables direct control over infrastructure costs.

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Scalable and Resilient

Guaranteed uptime and performance independent of market volatility. 

Data Types Available Through Stream

Trade Data

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ Tick-level trades
✓ OHLCV: 1s - 1d
✓ VWAP: 1s - 1d

Real-time Updates

Order Books

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ Tick-level order books*
✓ Top of book and spread*
✓ Order book snapshots*

Real-time Updates

Derivatives Analytics

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ All contract types and corresponding analytics**

Real-time Updates

Pricing and Valuation

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ Custom valuation service*
✓ Exchange cross rates
✓ Reference rates

Real-time Updates

* Launching in Q3     ** Launching in Q4

Comprehensive Exchange Coverage 

100+ Cryptocurrency Exchanges

100,000+ Traded Instruments

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