Lending and Borrowing Data 

Liquidity events available across leading ethereum L&B protocols, from a single API

Lending and Borrowing Events 

Kaiko’s market data for L&B offers exposure to three of the leading decentralized L&B protocols: AAVE, Compound and MakerDAO. The five transactions available on these three L&B protocols, known as events, constitute: borrows, deposits, repayments, withdrawals, and liquidations. The data underlying these transactions is now available to Kaiko’s clients via a single API market data offering. 

  • Data sourced directly from the blockchain
  • Standardized cross-protocol & blockchain data
  • Patented indexing methodology
  • 1 API for all protocols & chains 

Use Cases 

DeFi Market Analysis & Research

Study a $15b market, using an easily accessible data tool for historical and live smart data.

Market Surveillance 

Access data on liquidations, and monitor markets in all times, using a single API. 

DeFi KPI's

Position and portfolio management systems, trading limits monitoring, assets & market place follow up, collateral pricing etc. 

Power DeFi Applications

Power dashboards, comparators, etc. with historical and live data, which sources directly from the blockchain. 

Optimize trading strategies 

Benefit from DeFi composability using Kaiko's DeFi pack (DEX's and Lending and Borrowing protocols). 

APY Comparison

APY can be compared between platforms to find where the yeild is. 

Track the withdrawn amount from all lending pools on top-tier lending protocols, as well as the initiator’s user addresses, over time and in real-time.

Monitor users and protocols solvency by having access to all repayments registered over time and in real-time. 

Get a comparative view on borrow rates across lending protocols, and monitor in real-time the amounts borrowed on several platforms, for all the available tokens.

Get a comparative view on APYs across lending protocols, and monitor in real-time the amounts deposited on those platforms, for all the available tokens.

Coverage & Distribution

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