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Access live crypto trade data, order books, and aggregated data through over a dozen enterprise-grade API endpoints. Since 2014, we have spent the time developing high-availability and low-latency data infrastructure so that you can focus on working with our data while reducing operational costs. Live (and historical) data is accessible for 85+ exchanges and 20,000+ currency pairs through a REST API and livestream WebSocket. 

Our Crypto Data API Gives Access to:

/trade Data

Live and historical tick-by-tick trade data, including every executed transaction on an exchange.

/OHLCV Candlesticks

Live and historical [Open, High, Low, Close, Volume], in granularities ranging from 1 second to 1 day.


Live and historical [Volume Weighted Average Price], in granularities ranging from 1 second to 1 day.

/Order Book Snapshots

Limit order book snapshots, updated twice per minute, with every bid and ask placed within 10% of the midprice

/Market Depth

The cumulative quantity of bids and asks at intervals ranging from .1% to 10% from the midprice.

/Price Slippage

The bid slippage and ask slippage for custom buy and sell order sizes, calculated from raw LOB snapshots. 

/Exchange Rates

A composite price for a crypto asset aggregated across exchanges. Fiat conversions available. 

/Order Book Averages

The average depth, slippage, and spread for custom intervals of order book snapshots ranging from 1m-1d.

/Derivatives Data

Live open interest, implied volatility, funding rates, and more derivatives-specific data from all top exchanges.

Interested in crypto historical .csv files? Check out our historical data page for more information. We can provide more than 5 years of history for all data types, delivered in flat files (also available through our API).

Product Update: Live Cryptocurrency Derivatives Data

Derivatives-specific data unique to futures, options, and perpetual futures contracts is now available through our REST API. This includes everything from funding rates to implied volatility to open interest, dependent on the type of contract requested. We currently provide real-time derivatives data updated once per minute through our REST API, but we will soon provide historical derivatives data. 


Live Cryptocurrency WebSocket

Manage thousands of normalized Crypto trade data Streams from a single source.

 Low-latency trade data from all top crypto exchanges.

✓ Normalized and timestamped data streams for easy consumption.

✓ No WebSocket subscription limits.

✓ Intuitive filtering of currency pairs and exchanges.

✓ Redundant, geographically-dispersed infrastructure.

Live Cryptocurrency Data Coverage

Spot Exchanges:  80+ 

Bitfinex Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Binance Cryptocurrency API
Coinbase Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Bitstamp Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Huobi historical Cryptocurrency data trades order books
Gemini Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Kraken Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Poloniex Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Bitforex Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Bitforex Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Bittrex Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Bithumb Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books

Derivatives Exchanges:  10+

Deribit Cryptocurrency Exchange Market Data
FTX cryptocurrency market data historical data
HuobiDM cryptocurrency market data historical data
Bitmex historiacl market data Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Okex Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Binance Futures historical cryptocurrency data
Kraken Futures Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Bitflyer Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books
Coinflex Cryptocurrency historical dataAPI bitcoin ethereum order books
Bybit Cryptocurrency API bitcoin ethereum order books

Cryptocurrency Data You Can Act On

  Low-latency, live data feeds for all top cryptocurrency exchanges, available through more than a dozen endpoints.

  No API rate limits, with unlimited data consumption.

✓ Extensive reference data API with standardized instrument mappings and formatting. 

  Historical data since 2011 and 85+ exchanges integrated with, and new exchanges added continously. 

  20,000+ cryptocurrency pairs, with new pairs added daily to our collection.

  Enterprise and individual licenses available, depending on your use case and unique data requirements.

  Tick-by-tick trade data (every executed transaction on an exchange).

Order books: level II snapshots and liquidity measures including market depth, price slippage, spreads, and order book averages.

  OHLCV [Open, High, Low, Close, Volume] candlesticks and VWAP ranging from 1 second to 1 day.

  Exchange rates for all crypto assets into fiat and a single composite price for crypt-oassets across exchanges.

✓ Derivatives data available for options, futures, and perpetual futures contracts. 

✓ Implied volatility, funding rates, 24 hour volume, open interest, expiries, index prices, mark prices, and more.

Bring Your Ideas to Life With Our API

cryptocurrency backtesting data


Use our granular cryptocurrency trade and order book data to run simulations and back-test trading strategies.

data science cryptocurrency


Study cryptocurrency markets with our extensive historical/live trade and order book datasets.

integration cryptocurrency data


Integrate our live or historical cryptocurrency market data into your third-party platform, app, or website.

cryptocurrency data aggregations


Use our cryptocurrency data from dozens of exchanges to build your own indices, indicators, or visualizations. 

analyze cryptocurrency data


Custodians and fund administrators require reliable historical and real-time pricing data for fair evaluation.

cryptocurrency market making

Market Making

Analyze market liquidity using live and historical LOB data and crypto trade data to simulate orders.

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Live Crypto Data Features

✓  Live Bitcoin price data for thousands of BTC currency pairs.  

✓  Normalized and timestamped live data feeds, for both spot and derivatives instruments.

  Bitcoin API USD exchange rates for a single aggregated price of an asset. Other fiat conversions such as EUR and GBP available. 

✓  Top derivatives exchanges: Bitmex price data, Deribit price data, Huobi price data, Okex price data and more.

  Top spot crypto exchanges: Binance price data, Coinbase (ex-GDAX) price data, Gemini price data, Bitstamp price data, and more.

  Live Level 2 LOB snapshots and BBO, updated in real-time. 

✓  Low-latency crypto data available through a WebSocket. 

Millisecond latency for all crypto WebSocket data streams. 

  Live crypto spot, futures, options, and swap data, including open interest, funding rates, implied volatility, and more.

  Redundant and geographically dispersed data infrastructure. 

  Simple normalization and standardization methodologies, with extensive reference data for 20,000+ instruments. 

✓  Second by second crypto candlestick updates for charting.

  Millisecond market data delay for new trades.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of cryptocurrency data do you collect?

Kaiko integrates directly with each exchange's unique API. We collect all raw data, including tick-by-tick trade data, order book snapshots, and tick-level order books. We provide many data aggregations, including OHLCV [Open,High Low, Close, Volume] candlesticks (bars), VWAP [Volume Weighted Average Price], transaction count, and several order book aggregations including market depth, spreads, price slippage, and these measures averaged over time.

We just launched our derivatives data API endpoints, which include measures such as implied volatility, funding rates, open interest, and 24 volume for options, futures and perpetual futures contracts. You can learn more about our data types on our Data Dictionary here.

How is your API different from other cryptocurrency data providers?
What are the differences between your historical and real-time subscription data services?
How is your data quality compared with other providers?
How much historical data do you have?
What support do you offer?

Interested in Our Cryptocurrency Data Services?  

We can set up a free trial of our full data services or provide a custom price quote if you let us know a bit more about your data requirements.

Which currency pair(s)?


On which exchange(s)?

Coinbase? Binance? Bitmex? Deribit? 

What data type(s)?

Trades? Order books? OHLCV? Exchange rates?

Historical or live?

Full historical access with real-time updates? Just 1 year of data? Only live updates? 

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