Cryptocurrency REST API

Real-time and historical market data available from the world's leading centralized and decentralized exchanges

API Documentation - Data Dictionary

An API Built for Developers

cryptocurrency backtesting data

Seamless integration into third-party applications.

data science cryptocurrency

Robust API endpoints built for maximum resiliency.

analyze cryptocurrency data

Save time and costs on development and infrastructure

Data Types Available Through REST

Trade Data

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ Tick-level trades
✓ OHLCV: 1s - 1d
✓ VWAP: 1s - 1d

Full History and
Real-time Updates

Order Books

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ Order book snapshots
✓ Bid-Ask spread
✓ Price slippage
✓ Aggregated market depth

Rolling 1 Month

Derivatives Analytics

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ All contract types and corresponding analytics

Full History and Minute-by-Minute Updates

Pricing and Valuation

cryptocurrency backtesting data

✓ Custom valuation service
✓ Exchange cross rates
✓ Reference rates

Full History and
Real-time Updates*

* See data dictionary for specific restrictions.

Cryptocurrency Data You Can Act On

✓ Both centralized and decentralized exchange market data available through the same robust API endpoints. 

✓ Developer-centric endpoints designed for seamless integrations and maximum uptime.
✓ 100,000+ traded instruments across 100+ exchanges accessible through a single API. 

✓ All data types normalized into a single schema to ensure frictionless consumption of data.

✓ Real-time order book snapshots and derived analytics optimized for live liquidity analysis.

✓ Completely customizable endpoints for pricing and valuation, designed for EOD valuation, custody, and portfolio managers.

✓ Full historical and real-time data available for trades, aggregates, and valuation data. 

✓ Extensive reference data API with standardized instrument mappings.

Comprehensive Exchange Coverage 

100+ Centralized and Decentralized Exchanges

100,000+ Traded Instruments

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