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Kaiko is an official distributer of trueDigital's Over-the Counter reference rates. trueDigital’s OTC reference rates provide a trusted source of pricing for the trading and valuation of digital assets. Rates are derived from the bid and offer prices of 12 institutional market-maker partners and are verified to ensure the executability and integrity of prices, safeguarding against market manipulation.

While data from retail crypto exchanges is often inconsistent, trueDigital’s rates provide a more accurate picture of institutional pricing and liquidity as a trusted benchmark.

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12 Market Makers

Bitcoin and Ethereum Reference Rates

Real Time and Historical Data

IOSCO Compliant

17 million+ Price Points

Governance and Oversight Committee

About trueDigital

trueDigital Holdings, LLC, a New York-based global financial technology company, provides innovative solutions to financial markets utilizing blockchain-based technologies to enable frictionless asset transfer and settlement. trueDigital has also created the first-of-its-kind margined deliverable swap contracts on Bitcoin as well as the first institutional OTC-based digital asset reference rates.

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