Product Operations Analyst / US or LATAM / Internship

To apply for a role, please email your resume and a short introduction to We are an equal opportunity employer and international applicants are welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions! 

Kaiko is a rapidly growing fintech startup in the digital assets industry with an international presence. Our mission is to be the foundation of the new digital finance economy, which promises to expand financial opportunity and inclusion globally. We do this by empowering market participants with accurate, transparent, and actionable crypto data to be leveraged for a range of market activities including strategy backtesting, in-depth research, valuation, analytics, and integrations.

About the Job


Kaiko relies on its Product Team to enrich, evolve, and design our product offering relying on (i) extensive feedback from users, (ii) industry outlook in a very fast changing environment and (iii) Kaiko’s growth strategy.

At Kaiko we believe that our product cannot be efficient if the Product Team does not have the 360 view of the product. As such, the Product Team owns the product roadmap and closely works with the engineering team for its delivery via a quarterly release planning. Yet, design and delivery make only for two third of the job, and the Product Team also embeds product operations : customer onboarding and support, product launch and monitoring.

As a Product Operation Analyst at Kaiko, you are the one making sure our products and production are running safely and smoothly. You are key to our customers, key to our growth team, key to our engineering team. You run all 4 key aspects of Product operations : product monitoring & launch, customer onboarding and support. Our customer satisfaction & experience is guaranteed by you, the productivity of our engineering team is safeguarded by you as you are on the front line of support level two, in direct contact with customers upon their need or request by the sales team. You watch for our market data quality, validating product launches as well as performing routine data quality checks, as automated as possible, to ensure we have no stale and / or redundant data on the feed. You work very closely with POs to involve them in complex cases when necessary, but also to understand the impediments of new products when launched, defining the proper level of monitoring they require depending on the underlying service design.

The success of our product will as much depend on your involvement with the different bodies of the product team as it is on your involvement with the other teams - namely the engineering and growth teams. Our products will be successful only if it is a fit, and the growth team will rely on you to plan their own marketing calendar with your release plan as input and expected delivery dates. Engineering team will rely on you to have a clear & detailed visibility on what lies ahead for the next quarter, and to co-build the next milestone taking into account a capacity planning approach.

Finally, Product development is not the only challenge taken on by the team, as our experts also deal with some key external stakeholder management as well as key internal processes safeguards which are core to Kaiko’s development. Each team member can make their pick !

Your Missions

As a Product Operation Analyst, your role & mission will drive you to :

Product Monitoring: Build, maintain and request for development of monitoring tools and dashboards solutions in place, trigger and manage incidents proactively. You are able to provide Kaiko teams with key KPI on the product use metrics PMs & Growth team.

Product launches: you supervise and contribute to Product launches as per Kaiko’s launch process, guaranteeing delivery quality, service non regression and act as key actor for Go-no-go decisions for launches you lead.

Customer Support: You follow-up with customers' requests and calls raised following a rigorous case management process ensuring that (i) Kaiko product ops knowledge builds up and (ii) that we can follow on a customer basis their experience of our products. You provide on a regular basis feedback to the Product team from the support channels to make sure PMs are aware of negative feedback on our suite. You proactively monitor established communication channels with our customers to make sure contact attempts are not left unanswered in a timely manner depending on our own SLA commitment.

Customer onboarding: You are early on involved by Sales when signing a new customer to onboard them on our products providing them with the adequate level of explanations, documentation accesses and technical accesses relying on internal tools and infrastructure. You make sure this onboarding is as smooth as possible and are key to improve it.

You will take the lead on an external stakeholder management / internal key product process of your choice. 

What We Are Looking For

- A proactive customer oriented individual who is hands on their inquiries
- A data driven team member oriented towards gathering the max info on the product in an industrialized fashion via the tools
- A process friendly professional looking to automate all non added value tasks as they repeat themselves for maximum efficiency
- A contributor comfortable with lean canvas / product cycle approachA technically capable team member (python, REST scripting, postman, grafana setup and interpretation, data quality inquiry)
- A reliable and autonomous team member with a strong delivery oriented spirit

Additional Information

Contract type: 6-month internship

Desired starting date: [ASAP]

International applicants welcome!

Interested? Apply now by emailing your resume and a short introduction to

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