Senior Software Engineer (Paris)

You will be joining a fast-paced engineering team made up of people with significant experience working with terabytes of data and millions of requests per second. We believe that everybody has something to bring to the table, and therefore put collaborative effort and team-work above all else (and not just on the engineering side). You will be able to work autonomously as an equally trusted member of the team, and participate in efforts such as:

  • Addressing high availability problems: cross-region data replication, disaster recovery, etc.
  • Addressing low latency problems: dedicated backbones, infrastructure colocation, etc.
  • Improving our development workflow, continuous integration, continuous delivery and in a broader sense our team practices
  • Expanding our platform’s observability through monitoring, alerting and documentation


  • Design, develop and deploy scalable and observable backend microservices
  • Reflect on our storage, querying and aggregation capabilities (30M+ data points each day, with 10y history)
  • Work hand-in-hand with the business team on developing new features, addressing issues and extending the platform

Our stack

Kubernetes, Elasticsearch, Google Pub/Sub, Grafana, Stackdriver, GCS (S3 as well), NodeJS/Golang/Rub

Preferred experience

Technical skills

  • 4-5 yearsof experience as a Software/Data/DevOps Engineer
  • Knowledgeable about data ingestion pipelines and massive data querying
  • Networking experience (VPC, VPN, Subnets, Firewall rules, Ingress/Egress, etc.)
  • Worked with (in no particular order):
    • Microservices Architecture applied to Kubernetes (GKE)
    • Helm/Terraform
    • Elasticsearch/Redis
    • Server-side Javascript/Golang/Rust

Added Bonus (not required):

  • Experience working on the engineering side of financial market data (previous work experience at a market data provider, fund, bank, etc).
  • Experience with inter-process messaging and API design such as HTTP, WebSocket, and FIX Protocol.
  • Experience developing financial product methodologies for indices, reference rates, and exchange rates.
  • Knowledge about the technicalities of financial market data, such as the difference between: calls, puts, straddles, differents types of bonds, swaps, CFD, CDS, options, futures, etc.
  • Front-end development skills, with the ability to create complex price display products.

Personal Skills:

  • Honest, getting and giving feedback about your work is very important to you
  • Humble, making new errors is an essential part of your journey
  • Empathetic, you feel a sense of responsibility for all the team’s endeavors and don’t pay attention to the individual level of involvement
  • Committed, as an equally important member of the team, you want to make yourself heard while respecting everybody’s point of view
  • Fluent in written and spoken English (we have 5 different nationalities in the team!)


  • Hardware of your choice
  • Office located at Châtelet les Halles, in Paris 1st arrondissement
  • Flat organization under our CEO
  • Health insurance
  • Multiple team events (annual retreat, casual drinks, etc.)


  1. Phone screening or Hangout (20mins)
  2. On-site meeting with 2 members of the technical team for an RPG technical-test (you read that right, no written test, 1h)
  3. On-site meeting with members of the business team and our CEO (30mins)

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