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Kaiko is a rapidly growing fintech startup in the digital assets industry with an international presence. Our mission is to be the foundation of the new digital finance economy, which promises to expand financial opportunity and inclusion globally. We do this by empowering market participants with accurate, transparent, and actionable crypto data to be leveraged for a range of market activities including strategy backtesting, in-depth research, valuation, analytics, and integrations.

About the Job


Kaiko relies on its Product Team to enrich, evolve, and design our product offering relying on (i) extensive feedback from users, (ii) industry outlook in a very fast changing environment and (iii) Kaiko’s growth strategy.

At Kaiko we believe that our product cannot be efficient if the Product Team does not have the 360 view of the product. As such, the Product Team owns the product roadmap and closely works with the engineering team for its delivery via a quarterly release planning. Yet, design and delivery make only for two third of the job, and the Product Team also embeds product operations : customer onboarding and support, product launch and monitoring.

As a Service Delivery Manager at Kaiko, your focus is primarily on the delivery of prioritised products on a per milestone basis in an agile framework. But because you want our product to succeed, you’ll be heavily involved with the Product Manager(s) who designed the increment(s) needed to be delivered as part of the milestone, the POs who will operationally drive delivery on a daily basis, and the Product Operations analysts who will supervise its launch, monitor it on a daily basis and support onboarded customers. At Kaiko a Service Delivery Manager ends up mid-term owning the single quarterly based release plan of our products - the practical materialization of our roadmap in the immediate term. You are instrumental for the team, as you assess based on a lean methodology each product increment of the milestone, plan the milestone as a project with multiple components, supervise technical timely deliveries as well as other required material such as external documentation required, under POs ownership. You are the prime coordinator and project planner within the team and with our external partners.

The success of our product will as much depend on your involvement with the different bodies of the product team as it is on your involvement with the other teams - namely the engineering and growth teams. Our products will be successful only if it is a fit, and the growth team will rely on you to plan their own marketing calendar with your release plan as input and expected delivery dates. Engineering team will rely on you to have a clear & detailed visibility on what lies ahead for the next quarter, and to co-build the next milestone taking into account a capacity planning approach.

Finally, Product development is not the only challenge taken on by the team, as our experts also deal with some key external stakeholder management as well as key internal processes safeguards which are core to Kaiko’s development. Each team member can make their pick !

Your Missions

As a Delivery manager, your role & mission will drive you to :

- Take ownership of the lean caneva process (product cycle) and ensure its execution in a timely manner by all contributors. You are a support to the contributor instead rather than a watchdog, enabling collective success.

- Take ownership of milestone capacity planning based on what has been prioritized, provide feedback when ambition is too high vs capacity, or indicate when we are underallocating our capacity to build. You have a project approach, work closely with POs to get the prioritization within the milestone, and provide Kaiko with a provisional release plan on a per two weeks sprint basis of the milestone. As we are working in an agile environment, this plan is subject to changes within a milestone due to various impediments and arbitrages made or requested by POs, you ensure they are shared, and release plans updated and shared accordingly as well.

- Our services delivery does not rely necessarily on our sole contribution as Kaiko works with various partners to deliver our market data products via multiple channels. You own our relationship with these partners and coordinate internal deliveries and external dependencies with our partners.

- You will take the lead on an external stakeholder management / internal key product process of your choice. 

What We Are Looking For

- An Project Manager with meticulous planning capabilities
- A technical service oriented profile with an engineering background in data management, networks and/or equivalent experience
- An individual who is comfortable with release management principle (though not form a software perspective but a product one) - setting high expectation in terms of product release impediments
- A contributor comfortable with lean canvas / product cycle approach
- A reliable and autonomous team member with a strong delivery oriented spirit
- A proactive team player able to take on jobs that need to be done when they come if required to support their teammates when possible - without jeopardizing their own due deliveries

Company Perks

• Hardware of your choice
• Paid vacation
• Health insurance
• Multiple team events (annual retreat, casual drinks, etc.)
• An entrepreneurial environment with a lot of autonomy and responsibilities
• Staff surprises: just because we know that occasionally, small delights can brighten your day
• Other perks

Additional Information

• Contract type: Permanent - full time
• International applicants welcome!

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