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Bitcoin and Ethereum Price Indices - Daily data


Digital asset prices are a complex topic. To facilitate the development of the eco-system, Kaiko has developed a series of high-quality reference indices which aim to reflect accurately the price of an asset.

If you are looking for an overall indicator of the market you can use the Global Bitcoin Index or the  Global Ethereum Price Index which are weighted averages of three currency specific indices.

If you are interested in a specific currency pair, we provide price data based on trading in given currencies:


The timeseries included in this file goes up to yesterday.

Format :

  • timestamp : date of the data
  • open : price at UTC 00:00 H (=close of previous day). Provided in quote currency (in ETHBTC, that would be BTC)
  • high : highest price that day. Provided in quote currency.
  • low : lowest price that day. Provided in quote currency.
  • close : price at UTC 00:00 of next day.
  • volume : total volume traded on the exchanges Kaiko tracks. Provided in base currency (in ETHBTC, that would be ETH).

For a more granular data set, weight data or other requirements, feel free to reach out at hello@kaiko.com.


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