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GDAX (ex-Coinbase) - Hourly tick data


GDAX (ex-Coinbase)  hourly tick data starting in December 2014. One datapoint per hour and per currency pair.

Currency pairs included in the product:

  • BTCUSD : Time series starting on 01/12/2014 

  • BTCEUR : Time series starting on 23/4/2015

  • ETHBTC : Time series starting on 18/05/2016

  • ETHUSD : Time series starting on 18/05/2016

Important: The file will only include data up to yesterday.

    Format (example data) : 

    timestamp open high low close volume
    Sat Aug 31 2013 23:00:00 GMT+0000 (UTC) 132,2 133,1 125,5 128,0 2 626
    • timestamp : Date and opening time (UTC) of the hour
    • open : opening price in quote currency (for BTCUSD, USD is the quote currency)
    • high : highest price reached during the hour, in quote currency
    • low : lowest price reached during the hour in quote currency
    • close : closing price for the quote currency (for BTCUSD, USD is the quote currency)
    • volume : volume traded in the hour in base currency (for BTCUSD, BTC is the base currency)

    1 csv file per month and per currency pair.
    An example of the files can be downloaded here : 

    Real time data is available using our API and tick by tick historical trade data is also available on this store.

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