"Decoding MiCA" - A practical guide to MiCA and its data requirements.


The most advanced fully-managed and serverless data warehouse on the market.

What is bigquery ?

BigQuery enables scalable analysis of petabytes of data within seconds and is now available for Kaiko’s data products. BigQuery supports querying using a dialect of SQL, as well as integrations with a range of analytics products.

How to Subscribe

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    Browse our data offerings and request access to the relevant products. 

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Why use bigquery?

  • Simplify Consumption 

    BigQuery manages your data for you, so you can focus on your strategy.

  • Ease of Use

    Use simple SQL commands for manipulating large amounts of data.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    Access a range of Kaiko data types via a single, easy-to-use service.

Data Types Available Through Bigquery

✓ All historical data + daily ongoing data
✓ All exchanges (CEX + DEX)
✓ All instruments

  • Market Data

    Tick-Level Trades
    OHLCV / VWAP / Count
    Order Book Snapshots
    Tick-Level OB/TOB

  • DeFi and Blockchain

    Wallet Data
    DEX Trade Data
    Liquidity Pools
    Lending and Borrowing

  • Analytics

    Not Available

  • Rates & Indices

    Coming soon

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