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Enterprise-grade endpoints for accessing historical and live crypto market data.

API Documentation

An API Designed for Developers

When you build with Kaiko, you are guaranteed to save time and costs on development and infrastructure, all while ensuring the highest quality data.

  • Seamless integration into third-party applications with maximum uptime.

  • More than a dozen data types available in real-time and historical.

  • Comprehensive coverage for 100+ exchanges and DeFi protocols

  • 100 +

    CEX's and DEX's 

    Covering the entire crypto market.

  • 20 +

    Data Types

    Empowering a range of use cases.

  • 200 k+

    Traded Instruments

    Spot, futures, options, and DeFi pools.

  • 10 +

    Years of History

    The oldest historical data in the industry.

Cryptocurrency Data

You Can Act On

✓ Full historical and real-time data for trades, derivatives data, DeFi, and more

✓ Real-time order book snapshots with 1 month rolling history

✓ Extensive reference data API and documentation for easy onboarding

✓ Both centralized and decentralized exchange data via a single API

✓ Developer-centric endpoints designed for seamless integrations

✓ 100,000+ traded instruments across 100+ exchanges

Data types available through rest

  • Market Data

    ✓Trade Data
    ✓Aggregate Data
    ✓Order Book Data
    ✓Derivatives Metrics

  • DeFi & Blockchain Data

    ✓DEX Liquidity Pools
    ✓DEX Trade Data
    ✓Lending & Borrowing Protocols

  • Analytics 

    ✓Derivatives Analytics
    ✓Pricing Services
    ✓Portfolio Solutions
    ✓Market Metrics

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