Kaiko partners with D2X to provide reference rates for futures settlement

Kaiko Stream.

The most advanced live data distribution service in the cryptocurrency industry.

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What is Kaiko Stream ?

Stream enables our clients to build live market data feeds for any combination of data type, instrument, and exchange (both CEX and DEXs) through simple and intuitive commands. This first-of-its-kind data service is designed to match the infrastructural robustness of traditional financial data feeds.

  • 100 +

    CEX's and DEX's 

    Covering the entire crypto market.

  • 20 +

    Data Types

    Empowering a range of use cases.

  • 200 k+

    Traded Instruments

    Spot, futures, options, and DeFi pools.

  • 72 h

    Rolling History

    For rebuilding historical market states.

Data Designed for Enterprise Use

  • Extensive Coverage

    Live order books, trades, reference rates, derivatives analytics and more.

  • Efficient Messaging

    Powerful gRPC technology leveraged for high quality data delivery.

  • Software Solution

    Fully maintained SDK in your preferred language for effortless integration.

  • Highly Customizable

    Build data feeds with custom calculations, frequencies and channelling.

  • Low Infrastructure Requirements

    Filter data upstream which enables direct control over infrastructure costs.

  • Scalable and Resilient Data

    Guaranteed uptime and performance independent of market volatility.

Data Types Available Through stream

* 72 hours rolling history for all data types

  • Market Data 

    ✓ Aggregated Quotes
    ✓ OHLCV
    ✓ VWAP
    ✓ Tick-Level Trades
    ✓ Tick-Level Order Books

  • DeFi & Blockchain 

    ✓ DEX trades

  • Analytics 

    ✓ Cross Price (V2)
    ✓ Robust Pair Price

  • Rates & Indices

    ✓ Digital Asset Rates
    ✓ Blue-Chip Indices

Ready to get started? 

We serve 200+ enterprise clients worldwide, from financial institutions to blockchain native players, including traders, hedge funds, asset managers, exchanges, and regulators.

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