Kaiko Launches Data+: The Ultimate Crypto Research Tool

Kaiko and Nansen Join Forces to Create a Comprehensive Data Tool for DEX and CEX Markets

June 22, 2023

Leveraging Nansen’s wallet data and Kaiko’s market data, this partnership offers users a holistic view across both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges.

We are thrilled to announce a partnership with Nansen, a leading provider of on-chain insights for crypto investors and teams. This collaboration aims to create a comprehensive trading solution that addresses the unique challenges faced by institutions operating in both centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Kaiko’s historical (T+1) tick level trade data for all centralized exchanges (CEXs), OHLCV, VWAP, benchmark rates (EU BMR compliant) are now available via Nansen BigQuery.

Alex Svanevik

CEO of Nansen

“The integration of on-chain and market data provided by Nansen and Kaiko offers a more complete perspective, unlocking new insights into the cryptocurrency space. This partnership makes Nansen Query an even more powerful data analytics platform for crypto teams and enterprises. Instead of building multiple integrations, you can now get programmatic access to both on-chain data and market data in seconds.”

The crypto market is characterized by the fragmented nature of asset transactions across various exchanges. This fragmented landscape poses numerous obstacles for institutions, making it difficult to fully understand blockchain ecosystems, comprehend market dynamics, and ensure regulatory compliance and reporting.

By combining Nansen’s wallet data with Kaiko’s extensive market data, institutions can now obtain a comprehensive view across both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges. This integration enables analytical and risk management use cases, offering a range of benefits:

1. Enhanced Market Analysis and Trading Signals:

By combining on-chain data from Nansen with market data from Kaiko, you can gain a deeper understanding of how blockchain transactions and network activity impact cryptocurrency prices and trading volumes.

Use case: Combining CEX and DEX data offers valuable insights for market analysis, identifying trends, and liquidity shifts that can influence trading strategies and help assess market sentiment.

2. Improved Token Analysis:

Nansen’s token analytics combined with Kaiko’sbroader market data can offer a more comprehensive picture of token performance. You can analyze factors such as token distribution, large holder behavior, transaction volumes, liquidity, and market activity, enabling you to make more informed investment decisions or evaluate project health.

Use case: research, assessing network health, identifying market adoption, monitoring token flows, and understanding the overall dynamics of specific blockchain networks.

3. Improved Risk Assessment:

The combination of on-chain and off-chain market data can enhance risk assessment and due diligence. Nansen’s data can help identify potential token-related risks, such as token concentration or suspicious activity, while Kaiko’s market data can provide insights into price volatility, liquidity risks, or sudden market movements.

4. Robust pricing methodology for fair valuation:

Use trade data and regulatory compliant benchmark rates used by regulators globally to provide a transparent and robust pricing methodology for the valuation of your digital assets.

The integration of on-chain and market data can provide a more complete perspective and unlock new insights in the cryptocurrency space.

Improved Asset Valuation: The combination of on-chain data from Nansen and market data from Kaiko can provide a more robust foundation for assessing asset valuation in the cryptocurrency market, considering factors such as token flows, market liquidity, trading volumes, and market sentiment.

Elodie De Marchi, COO at Kaiko added: “I am excited by this collaboration: Nansen’s clients now have access to high-quality centralized exchanges’ data (CEXs) for their back-testing strategy, Business Intelligence use cases and regulatory compliant benchmark rates to best value their portfolios. This empowers them by having a comprehensive view of the blockchain ecosystems and market dynamics.”

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