Analytics Suite 

A suite of products to better analyze and understand the market. Have a global view of the trading activity, the liquidity, and the volatility of the market from different angles. 

API Documentation

Asset Metrics

Cryptocurrency Asset Price

Global Information and liquidity metrics at the asset level.


Volume and market depth data across all CeFi and DeFi venues.

• Liquidity: Monitor the liquidity of an asset and detect best times and venues to invest or liquidate positions. 

Token info: Asset metrics include the tokens address, total supply, number of holders and the main holders.


Hourly, daily.


Aggregation accross all pairs including the asset as either a base or quote, accross all exchanges. 

Exchange Metrics

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Realized Volatility

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Data Delivery

CSV File Export

Downloadable CSV files available through Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform

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Real-time and historical market data available through 15+ enterprise-grade endpoints

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