DeFi Market Data

Block by block market data for decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols including trades and liquidity pool data

DEX Trade Data

Tick-level trades & aggregates

DEXs’ Trades, OHLCV candlesticks and VWAP available both in live and historical formats. Collected directly from the blockchain by our proprietary full archive nodes.

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DEX Liquidity Pool Data

Liquidity pool events & snapshots

DEXs’ Liquidity pool events and token reserves available both in live and historical formats. Collected block by block and standardized across DEXs.

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The DEX Data Handbook

A comprehensive overview of decentralized exchanges, with a focus on how to understand and interpret swaps and liquidity pool data.

  • Introduction to decentralized exchanges
  • Overview of swaps and liquidity events
  • DEX data collection and normalization
  • DEX data types: pool reference data, swaps, liquidity events, liquidity snapshots
  • Protocol-specific information and considerations