Kaiko Launches Data+: The Ultimate Crypto Research Tool

Asset & Exchange Metrics.

Your ultimate toolkit for analyzing crypto liquidity through the lens of assets or exchanges, designed for investors, researchers and token issuers.

All Data, One Place

The only solution that aggregates millions of trade and order book data points into a single, easy-to-use data product.

  • Deep Data Coverage
    Trade volume, market depth, token supply and more for all assets and exchanges.

  • USD Conversion
    All data has been standardized with a USD-conversion applied, enabling seamless analysis.

  • 100+ CEXs and DEXs
    Both centralized and decentralized data via a single endpoint.

  • Time Aggregations
    Historical and real-time data available at hourly and daily intervals.

Super-Charge Your Liquidity Analysis

Monitor Market Depth

Compare Asset Volumes

Explore Market Share

  • Asset Metrics

    Data aggregated at the asset-level, including the breakdown across exchanges.

    • Data: Trade volume, trade count, market depth, and token info
    • Granularity: 1h & 1d intervals
    • Availability: Historical and real-time

    Ex. On October 5th, BTC market depth was $53mn across all exchanges, and the top three were Coinbase, Binance and OKX.

  • Exchange Metrics

    Data aggregated at the exchange-level, including the breakdown across assets & pairs.

    • Data: Trade volume, trade count, coverage
    • Granularity: 1h & 1d intervals
    • Availability: Historical and real-time

    Ex. On December 2nd, Coinbase trade volume was $730mn, with 32% of total volume for BTC and 16% for ETH.

A Global View of Market Activity

Asset & Exchange Metrics includes the following data types:

  • Trade Volume

    The total volume aggregated across all traded instruments, converted into USD.

  • Trade Count

    The total number of trades aggregated across all instruments.

  • Market Depth

    Market depth on the bid and ask side aggregated across all traded instruments, converted into USD.

  • Token Info

    Information about a crypto asset’s on-chain supply and holders on the Ethereum network.

  • Coverage

    The number of listed assets and pairs on an exchange, in addition to the % breakdown in volume.

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