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Market Metrics.

Your ultimate toolkit for analyzing crypto liquidity through the lens of assets or exchanges, designed for investors, researchers, and token issuers.

Deep Insights into Market structure

Market Metrics enables seamless analysis, with the flexibility to focus on both individual assets and exchanges. Dive into granular trade, order book, and on-chain data to gain a comprehensive market outlook.

  • Deeper Insights
    Analyze trade volumes, market depth, and token supply for all assets and exchanges.

  • Consistent Analysis
    Easily analyze across multiple assets and markets with a standardized USD-conversion.

  • Ultimate Flexibility
    Choose between a user-friendly dashboard or the speed and customization of an API.

  • Broad Market View
    Gain a holistic view of the market and identify trends, with coverage for 100+ centralized and decentralized exchanges and thousands of assets.

  • Historical Context
    Identify long-term trends and understand contextual significance with both real-time, and historical data available at hourly and daily intervals.

Super-Charge Your Liquidity Analysis

Monitor Market Depth

Compare Asset Volumes

Explore Market Share

A Global View of Market Activity

Market Metrics includes the following data types:

  • Trade Volume

    The total volume aggregated across all traded instruments, converted into USD.

  • Trade Count

    The total number of trades aggregated across all instruments.

  • Market Depth

    Market depth on the bid and ask side aggregated across all traded instruments, converted into USD.

  • Token Info

    Information about a crypto asset’s on-chain supply and holders on the Ethereum network.

  • Coverage

    The number of listed assets and pairs on an exchange, in addition to the % breakdown in volume.

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