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Wallet Data.

All users, all transactions, and all history for blockchain wallets.

Deep insights for blockchain wallets

Wallet Data provides an account-like description of every single blockchain wallet’s token holdings over time. This data enables powerful transaction analysis for any address on Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains.

  • Due Diligence and KYC/AML
    Validate holdings and historical transactions for any wallet.

  • Proof of Reserves
    Verify exchange wallet flows and track the balance of tokens.

  • Fraud Detection and Manipulation
    Monitor transactions into and out of all DeFi protocols.

Product Details

Coverage for Ethereum and Bitcoin

Historical data since blockchain’s genesis

Daily generated CSV datasets or queryable via Google Big Query

Balances of every wallet available in USD

Account-like description of all transfers in and out of an address

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Data Sample

The Wallet data user guide

Enhance your blockchain transaction analysis.

Proof of Reserves

Due Diligence

Fraud Detection

Are you an exchange, auditor, regulator or financial institution that leverages blockchain data as part of your workflow? Download our user guide today:

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Powerful analysis with bigquery

Scalable analysis of petabytes of data, for deep blockchain insights.

Simple SQL commands

Fully-managed data warehouse

Complex data analysis in seconds

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