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Derivatives Data.

Market data and analytics covering the entire crypto derivatives market.

Hedge With Confidence

Kaiko’s cryptocurrency derivatives data enables powerful analysis and risk management for speculative or hedging trading strategies.

  • Global Coverage
    10+ exchanges comprising 250k+ futures and options contracts.

  • All Major Metrics
    Open interest, funding rates, implied volatility, and more.

  • Historical and Live
    The most complete historical data and real-time feeds.

  • Versatile Data Delivery
    CSV File Export and API access

  • 10 +


  • 2 K+

    Perpetual Futures

  • 4 K+

    Dated Futures

  • 260 K+

    Options Contracts

Derivatives Data Products

  • Market Data

    Tick-level trade data, aggregates and order book data for all derivatives contracts, with 8+ years of history.

  • Derivatives Metrics

    Open interest, funding rates, and other contract-specific metrics, updated once per minute with 3+ years history.

  • Implied Volatility

    Kaiko’s proprietary methodology for smiles and surfaces, adapted for crypto options markets.

Exchange Coverage

Derivatives Metrics Coverage

For all perpetual futures, futures and options contracts.

Reference Data

Contract Size

Contract Size Unit

Funding Rate Frequency

Listing Timestamp


Strike Price

Underlying Index

Risk Data

24h Volume

Open Interest

Funding Rate

Predicted Funding Rate

Time to Expiry

Nearby Contract

Ask/Bid/Mark IVs


Price Data

Index Price

Mark Price

Contract Price

Supercharge Your Derivatives Analysis

Never worry about data again with our comprehensive coverage and seamless delivery.

  • Gain Deep Insights
    Explore trading activity across the most liquid derivatives exchanges.

  • Backtest With Confidence
    Time entry and exit points for hedging or speculation.

  • Monitor Live Events
    Track volatile market events with accurate real-time feeds.

  • Build Trading Tools
    Integrate real-time feeds into your trading or analytics platform.

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