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Reference Rates.

Cryptocurrency Reference rates for financial professionals seeking the broadest coverage.

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Our rules-based and independent rates aim to increase pricing transparency by providing a reliable and accurate benchmark. Reference Rates serve an essential function in the settlement of financial products, as they systematically aggregate pricing data from vetted exchanges using a robust methodology. Our roboust processes result in a price that best represents fair market value, ensuring accurate, trustworthy, and demonstrable settlement for a variety of financial instruments.

Each rate is calculated real-time (every 5 seconds), as well as being published as a daily fixing covering three different time zones: London (16:00 UTC), Singapore (08:00 UTC), New York (20:00 UTC).

  • Liquidity Optimization
    We understand the importance of liquidity, so we prioritize the inclusion of data from the most stable and liquid exchanges in our rates. Our methodology involves a thorough and rigorous selection process to identify suitable exchanges.

  • Robust Aggregation Methodology
    Volume-Weighted median combined with a TWAP to ensure an accurate, and fair price calculation.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
    Our rates cover the of the most traded digital assets, and we’re constantly developing more.

  • Reviewed Quarterly
    The composition of each rate is reviewed quarterly to ensure they always reflect current market conditions.

  • FOREX Converted Rates
    Kaiko rates can integrate TP ICAP FOREX conversions for trusted valuation in multiple currencies.

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Kaiko Digital Asset Rates Rulebook

This document outlines the Kaiko Digital Asset Rates methodology, including Reference Rates. Learn how our rates enhance pricing transparency and the criteria we use for selecting exchanges and trades in our calculations.


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