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The Crypto Data Guide For Traders.

A successful crypto strategy begins with the right data. Our guide for professional traders explores four key stages of the investment lifecycle and the crypto data that empowers them.

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covered in this guide:

  • Strategy Backtesting
    How to select the right historical market data.

  • Live Monitoring
    How to monitor open positions with real-time data.

  • Risk Management
    Introduction to risk tools for portfolio management.

  • Reporting
    End-of-day and intraday tax and P&L reporting.

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Smart Data, Smart Solutions

Since 2014, we’ve brought transparency to crypto markets with high-quality data, analytics, and research. Our trusted data solutions help businesses outsource the cost of data management and focus on actionable insights.

Browse Our Data
  • Market Data
    Highly-granular trade and order book data from 100+ exchanges.

  • DeFi and Blockchain
    On-chain data covering the leading protocols and networks.

  • Reference Rates and Indices
    Regulatory-compliant price feeds powering an investable universe.

  • Analytics
    A suite of quantitative tools for pricing and assessing risk.

Unparalleled crypto Coverage

  • 100 +

    CEXs and DEXs

    Covering the entire crypto market.

  • 20 +

    Data Types

    Empowering a range of use cases.

  • 200 k+

    Traded Instruments

    Spot, futures, options, and DeFi pools.

  • 10 +

    Years of History

    The oldest historical data in the industry.

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