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The Wallet Data User Guide

How Regulators and businesses can enhance their blockchain transaction analysis. 

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This guide explores how to use Wallet Data for:

  • Due Diligence: SoF and SoW

    Validate the source of funds and total wealth for any address over time

  • Proof of Reserves

    Verify exchange wallet flows and track the balance of tokens

  • Address and Transaction Screening

    Monitor suspicious inflows and outflows from any user address

  • Monitoring ETF Flows

    Examine the on-chain footprint of BTC ETFs by tracing physical bitcoin transactions

  • Fraud Detection and Manipulation

    Monitor transaction patterns for DeFi protocols to identify bad behavior

  • What is Wallet Data?

    We built Wallet Data to provide an easier way to understand blockchain transactions and validate on-chain holdings in an accounting and audit-compliant way.

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    • Coverage for all addresses on Bitcoin and Ethereum

    • Historical data since blockchain’s genesis

    • Daily generated CSV datasets or queryable via Google Big Query

    • Balances of every wallet available in USD

    Download the User Guide.