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Regulators and Supervision.

Enhance crypto market oversight with reliable, transparent, and trusted data.

Data Solutions Trusted by Regulators

Reliable data shapes effective regulation. Our data enables government agencies to improve oversight, promoting greater market integrity.

  • Market Oversight and Surveillance
    Monitor trading activity  across 100+ centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  • Examination and Enforcement
    Identify potential market manipulation, insider trading, and other illicit activities with tick-level data and powerful analytics.

  • Stablecoin Analysis
    Gain insights into the usage and trading activity of the largest stablecoins. 

Data Products for Government and Standards

  • Market Data

    Explore tick-level trades and aggregated data from 100+ cryptocurrency exchanges.

  • Wallet Data

    Conduct due diligence on centralized exchange wallet inflows and outflows.

  • DeFi Data

    Gain deep insight into DeFi protocols with block-level transaction and liquidity pool data.

Case Study

How Regulators Can Use Crypto Data for Deep Insights

Centralized exchanges may be the last haven of crypto anonymity, but it is still possible to gain insights into market activity. This case study explores how regulators can identify bad behavior, ensuring greater market integrity. 

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Why choose Kaiko

  • Integration Support

    We provide custom integrations and around-the-clock support across all timezones.

  • Trusted and Compliant

    We are SOC-2 certified and operate a BMR-compliant indices business.

  • Extensive Coverage

    All major exchanges, assets, and instruments covered across the DeFi and CeFi ecosystem.

  • Versatile Delivery

    Streaming, REST API and CSV file service for data consumption that matches your use case.

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