Kaiko Newsletter: Consensus: Invest, Partnerships, and Academic Research

November 23, 2018

Kaiko Newsletter: Consensus: Invest, Partnerships, and Academic Research

Hello subscribers!

Another whirlwind couple of weeks have passed at the Kaiko offices! We have been gearing up for Consensus: Invest 2018 in NYC, have more data partnerships to announce, and recently moved to a brand new office space. And of course, we are working harder than ever on our data services.

Consensus: Invest 2018

This week, the Kaiko team is preparing to embark for Consensus: Invest 2018in New York City, the largest conference for institutional investors, family offices, hedge funds, and service providers in the cryptoassets industry. The conference will focus on bringing together start-ups and institutional actors focused on the investment side of the digital assets space.

We are looking forward to meeting with professionals and institutions hoping to learn more about digital assets market data. You can find our booth on the 5th floor, space 52. The full floor plan can be accessed here. As always, please reach out to pre-book a time to speak with us — we are happy to sit down and discuss your market data requirements.

Partnership with Chainlink

Last week, we announced our partnership with Chainlink, a leader in decentralized oracle networks and secure smart contracts. The partnership will integrate Kaiko’s cryptocurrency market data with Chainlink’s decentralized network of blockchain oracles, providing a consistent and secure market data source for smart contracts. We understand the importance of institutional-grade cryptocurrency market data, and Chainlink’s decentralized blockchain oracles give us a platform to enhance connectivity among a wider range of market participants.

The full press release can be accessed here and the Chainlink-Kaiko documentation here.

Partnership With Cryptio

We are also excited to partner with Cryptio, a suite of cryptocurrency accounting solutions. Using Kaiko market data, Cryptio has built a powerful crypto to fiat valuation system to enable individuals and corporations to make the bridge between their crypto activity and their fiat accounting. Cryptio provides accounting solutions for both individual investors and professionals.

New Kaiko Headquarters

Last week, we said goodbye to our WeWork offices and moved in with ConsensysParis. We are thrilled to be operating in the same space, working towards the similar goal of making the blockchain ecosystem more accessible for a wide range of actors. Our new offices are located in the heart of downtown Paris, a stone’s throw from the Louvre.

Kaiko Data for Research

This week, we want to highlight some of the ways in which Kaiko market data has been used for academic research. Increasingly so, academic institutions have taken an interest in exploring the cryptoassets market by researching the economics of the space. This can only be done through access to normalized, raw trade data which we provide at a discount to researchers.

Kaiko data has been used for research on:

As always, if you have any questions or want to hear more about our data offerings, reach out to us at hello@kaiko.com! Until next time!

-The Kaiko Team