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We equip analysts and academics with the data they need to gain a deep understanding of crypto markets.

  • Identify Market Trends 
    Across 100+ centralized and decentralized exchanges.

  • Analyze Liquidity 
    Using highly-granular trade and order book data.

  • Explore DeFi Markets 
    For the most liquid Ethereum-based DeFi protocols.

Patrick King

Head of Data and Analytics at Paxos

“Paxos leverages Kaiko’s data on a daily basis to better understand crypto pricing and order books around the world. The Kaiko team is responsive, insightful, and helpful.”

Data Products for Researchers

  • Market Metrics

    Your ultimate toolkit for crypto liquidity insights across assets and exchanges.

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  • Trade Data

    Highly-granular tick-level and aggregated transaction data across 100+ crypto exchanges.

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  • Order Book Data

    Snapshots, depth, spreads and slippage for all markets, giving deep insights into liquidity.

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  • DeFi Data

    Block-level transaction and liquidity pool data for DEXs and lending protocols.

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Academic Research Powered by Kaiko

  • MIT & LSE

    Trading and Arbitrage in Cryptocurrency Markets

    Analysis of the state of crypto arbitrage across exchanges and markets, leveraging Kaiko’s historical trade data.

  • Princeton University

    Cryptocurrency Pump-and-Dump Schemes

    An study of the impact of this type of market manipulation during the ICO boom, powered by Kaiko trade data.

  • Toulouse, Mcgill, Amsterdam

    Equilibrium Bitcoin Pricing

    This collaborative paper develops a framework for valuing Bitcoin and all cryptocurrencies using market data.

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