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Supercharge your trading strategy with the most granular cryptocurrency market data in the industry.

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Let us handle the data so you can focus on your strategy. Since 2014, we have built our data products and delivery channels to account for the needs of both quantitative and fundamental traders.

  • Backtest With Confidence
    10+ years of historical trade and order book data from 100+ exchanges.

  • Monitor Live Markets
    Fine-tune your models in real-time and identify trading opportunities.

  • Assess Global Liquidity
    Advanced analytics providing a global view of trading activity.

Data Products for Traders

  • Trade Data

    Build advanced trading models with cleaned, normalized, and highly-granular trade data sourced from 100+ exchanges.

  • Order Book Data

    Time entry and exits and fine-tune market making strategies with Level I and II streaming and historical order book data.

  • Derivatives Data

    Build hedging strategies leveraging market data and analytics from 10+ derivatives exchanges.

Data Guide

The Crypto Data Guide for Professional Traders

A successful crypto strategy begins with the right data. Our guide for professional traders explores four key stages of the investment lifecycle and the crypto data that empowers them.

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Enterprise-grade infrastructure

  • Kaiko Stream

    Our advanced live data distribution service for pros.

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  • Private Networks

    Data available through secure, off-internet distribution channels.

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    15+ robust REST endpoints for both historical and real time data.

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  • CSV Files

    Downloadable files available through AWS or GCS.

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