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Client Story

How Tax Software Provider Leverages Kaiko’s Pricing Services

In Compliance With IFRS and GAAP Accounting Standards

The Problem

Determining a fair market value (FMV) for crypto assets for tax and accounting purposes is fraught with complexities due to issues like market fragmentation, volatility, discrepancies in exchange rates across different platforms, and 24/7 markets.

Recap encountered significant challenges in sourcing an appropriate pricing service for their tax and accounting software. They needed a solution that could not only provide accurate FMV for their clients but also align with prevailing compliance standards.

The Solution

In collaboration with Recap, Kaiko engineered a sophisticated pricing service ensuring a reliable Fair Market Value (FMV) for all crypto assets, dynamically adjusting to volatile market conditions and compliant under existing accounting standards.

Crypto markets are marked by heavy-tailed distributions in prices and volumes, filled with outliers, which poses significant challenges for aggregation, particularly for conventional approaches like Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and Volume Weighted Median (VWM). To address this, Kaiko’s innovative Robust Pair Prices, leveraging a robust weighted median methodology, is designed to provide precise, agile, and equitable valuations of crypto assets.

Dan Howitt, Co-Founder

Kaiko greatly enhances our offering with robust crypto valuations that accurately mirror market liquidity. Their service offers thorough audits and in-depth traces, clearly explaining the processes used to derive these valuations.”

Recap’s Product

Recap developed a tool that enables their clients to look up any crypto asset and return the FMV for this asset and audit trail that determined the price. This data-focused approach, powered by the robustness of Kaiko data and augmented by additional sources, currently powers FMVs for US and South African customers in the Recap platform.

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Kaiko Products for Tax & Accounting

IFRS and GAAP-compliant pricing services for tax and accounting professionals.
  • Robust Pair Prices

    Outlier-resistant and auditable prices aggregated across real trading pair.

    • Optimal for sensitive activities
    • Replicable, transparent, and manipulation-resistant feeds
  • Cross Price

    Synthetic fiat- or crypto-converted prices for all crypto assets, no matter how liquid.

    • Triangulated according to FX standards to synthesize a price.
    • Optimal for illiquid or unlisted pairs
  • OANDA FX Rates

    IFRS-compliant FX rates for 70+ FOREX pairs, in partnership with OANDA.

    • Auditable and compliant
    • Designed for tax and compliance professionals

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