About BeQuant

Based in London and Malta, BeQuant exchange targets institutions and active traders by leveraging their team of licensed FCA compliant brokers. They provide cryptocurrency trading for a number of top assets including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, stablecoins, and more. The exchange has not yet introduced fiat currency trading. BeQuant's selling point is its team of licensed brokers ready to help clients with their knowledge of regulated securities markets and the cryptoassets industry. BeQuant provides three types of accounts for traders: iIndividual, Individual Pro, and Institutional. The Institutional tiered trading account includes individual professional support and access to all of the exchange's extra services. BeQuant's full services include a cold-storage custody solution, OTC block trading, lending, and structuring advice. 

BeQuant cryptocurrency exchange Kaiko

Data Provided

  • Tick-by-tick Trades
  • Order Book Snapshots
  • VWAP

Exchange Information

CountryMalta and UK
CEOGeorge Zarya
Mobile AppNo
For Traders
Instruments TradedSpot
Websocket https://api.bequant.io/#socket-market-data
Rest APIhttps://api.bequant.io/#market-data
Full Documentationhttps://api.bequant.io/
Support https://support.bequant.io/hc/en-gb

Interested in Live Data?

In addition to Kaiko's extensive historical datasets, we also provide access to live data through an API and Websocket.