Coinfloor Exchange- Cryptocurrency Historical Data

Coinfloor Is A Kaiko Dedicated Exchange - Kaiko dedicated exchanges are those with which we have signed a data distribution agreement, allowing us to backfill all historical data and maintain a dedicated connection.

If you are interested in Coinfloor data, please reach out at You can browse our pairs and historical coverage using our instrument explorer here.

About Coinfloor

Coinfloor Group is the longest established UK based cryptocurrency exchange company. Since 2013, Coinfloor has been successfully building, operating and managing cryptocurrency exchanges, including the UK's longest running cryptocurrency exchange and OTC desk, Coinfloor UK and one of Europe’s first fully regulated cryptocurrency exchanges and OTC desks, Coinfloor Gibraltar.

Founded with a focus on trust, security and reliability, Coinfloor's goal is to create a safe and accessible place to trade and invest in bitcoin. They offer a group of cryptocurrency exchanges designed for institutional or sophisticated investors and traders. Coinfloor’s exchanges offer 100% multi-signature cold storage custodian services, providing a more secure way to protect your assets.

The first exchange in their group, Coinfloor Exchange UK, a cryptocurrency spot trading platform, began trading in March 2014, and has continued to operate uninterrupted since its launch. In January 2018, Coinfloor added Coinfloor Exchange Gibraltar to their portfolio. In March 2018, CoinfloorEX joined the Coinfloor group, offering the first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures and spot exchange.

Kaiko Coinfloor Exchange Historical Data

Data Provided

  • Tick-by-tick Trades
  • Order Book Snapshots
  • VWAP

Exchange Information

CountryUnited Kingdom
CEOObi Nwosu
Mobile AppNo
For Traders
Instruments TradedSpot
Rest API
Full Documentation

Interested in Live Data?

In addition to Kaiko's extensive historical datasets, we also provide access to live data through an API and Websocket. 

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