"Decoding MiCA" - A practical guide to MiCA and its data requirements.

Connectivity Solutions.

The best of Kaiko data, distributed through global private networks.

Global connectivity for crypto market data

Our crypto data feeds are available through industry-leading networks to solve reliability and security challenges.

  • Interoperable

    Extensive networks combined with Kaiko’s data services for easy access to high-quality data feeds.

  • Consistent Latencies

    Fast and reliable connection speeds at all times to help you better understand the markets.

  • Secure

    An end-to-end closed network with financial institutions to ensure secure connections.

Our Distributors

  • ICE Global Network

    Our crypto data feeds are available through any of ICE’s 36+ data centers located in the Americas, Europe and APAC. Kaiko and ICE Global Network currently peer at 2 locations:

    • London Slough (LD4)

    • Paris Telehouse (TH2)

  • BT Radianz

    Kaiko’s cryptocurrency data feeds are available through any of BT Radianz Private Network’s data centers. Kaiko and BT Radianz peer at 2 locations:

    • Singapore (SGP3)

    • Frankfurt (FR5)

  • IPC

    IPC’s Connexus Crypto trading environment delivers real-time stream data, including spot and derivatives, as well as aggregated quotes and rates. Kaiko and IPC peer at 2 locations:

    • Canada (MTL3)

    • Frankfurt (FR5)


    Bloomberg Terminal and B-PIPE users can access Kaiko Global Tick (KKGT), a suite of institutional grade crypto prices including two datasets; Kaiko Aggregated Quotes and Kaiko Price Rates.

  • Deutsche Borse

    Historical L2 tick-level order book data on a T+1 basis, live trade data, and order book data for selected digital asset exchanges on a T+1 basis are available on Deutsche Börse Market Data + Services’ distribution network.

  • Iress

    Kaiko’s data is available to clients in Iress’s FeedOS format, allowing for seamless integration into existing workflows. Real-time tick level quotes, real-time tick level trades on all exchanges and assets covered by stream, and real-time reference rates will be available on the platform.

Connection Options

Kaiko clients can choose two options for connecting:

• Client office or data center to Kaiko – resilient connectivity from your office or data center to the nearest network operator point of presence (Pop).

Cloud to Kaiko – If you are on a cloud such as AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Alibaba Cloud, you can easily connect them to Kaiko’s services.

Data Delivery

Kaiko Stream

Live market data is delivered through Kaiko Stream for any combination of data type, instrument, and exchange. Through Stream, you can access tick-level trades and order book data feeds for thousands of spot and derivatives instruments.

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