Code Examples and Case Studies

Client Case Studies

Real-time Data Feeds for Regulatory-Compliant Crypto Indices

This case study will explore how Compass Financial Technologies leverages Kaiko’s real-time data feeds to power a suite of regulatory compliant and innovative crypto indices.

How Messari Built the Leading Cryptocurrency Information Aggregator Powered by Kaiko’s Market Data API

This case study will explore how Messari, the leading cryptocurrency information aggregator, leverages Kaiko's historical and live market data API to provide a comprehensive charting and analytics toolkit for traders, analysts, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

How to leverage cryptocurrency market data to backtest trading strategies

This case study explores how Shrimpy, a cryptocurrency trading platform, leverages Kaiko's historical trade and order book data to provide a suite of backtesting tools that can be used by traders to develop strategies for top cryptocurrency exchanges.

Python Code Examples

Python Tutorial: Explore and Visualize Crypto Order Book Snapshots with Kaiko’s API

We will explore how to access order book snapshots through Kaiko’s REST API and visualize an individual snapshot using Python. Kaiko provides level 2 order book snapshots, aggregated by price level, for 85,000+ currency pairs across 85+ exchanges. We take two order book snapshots per minute for all traded instruments, capturing all bids and asks placed within 10% of the mid price. This tutorial will show how to access this data using our API.

Python Tutorial: Explore Liquidity Measures with Kaiko’s API

In this tutorial, we will explore how to access and visualize Kaiko’s order book aggregations. Kaiko provides three derivations of raw snapshot data: market depth, slippage, and spreads. All three measures can be used to measure liquidity on crypto exchanges. This tutorial will demonstrate how to pull this data from Kaiko’s REST API, format it, and create visualizations.

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