Korbit - Trade Data

This data set contains all tick by tick information, i.e. one line per executed trade. All currency pairs listed below are included in this data set.

Major cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ethereum Classic, Ripple...) and many alt coins are included and trade on this exchange.

  • Coverage start date 20 April 2018, for all currency pairs listed below:


    All timeseries end yesterday. Some historical data might be missing due to exchanges / APIs experiencing downtime or technological problems on our end. Please contact us if you have inquiries about particular date periods or pairs.

  • One file per month and per currency pair which is a .tar containing 1 .csv per day.

    - id: unique trade id (unique to the exchange)
    - exchange: short hand for the exchange
    - symbol: currency pair
    - date: Epoch timestamp millisecond
    - price: in the quote currency (on a BTCEUR pair, the price is provided in EUR)
    - amount: in the base currency (on a BTCEUR pair, the amount is in BTC)
    - sell: "null" (Korbit doesn't dupply this information via their API).

    Source: Exchange's API.

  • Please find a sample file here:
    Sample coming! If you need one urgently, shoot us an email at hello@kaiko.com and we will send you one immediately.

    - The format of the files are .csv files, which you will be able to download immediately upon purchase.
    - The file will be a Zip Archive containing your cryptocurrency trading data.
    - This bundle includes data for Korbit, with all cryptocurrrency pairs listed on the exchange.

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