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MiCA Compliance.

Are you ready for MiCA? Kaiko can help you adapt your data strategy in preparation.

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A holistic view for MiCA

We provide a full picture of the crypto market, including trades, outstanding orders, liquidity pools, and on-chain wallets in one convenient solution.

Our data solutions can help meet several of the requirements set out by MiCA.

  • Market abuse detection
    Detect potential market abuse on trading platforms.

  • Risk management
    Monitor platform liquidity and conduct robust stress testing.

  • Reporting
    Inform reports with reliable on-chain and off-chain data.

  • CASP licensing
    Verify on-chain reserves, detect manipulation, and investigate ICO’s.

  • Best execution
    Prove best execution for clients with reliable pricing.

  • Reserves management
    Compute capital reserves and liabilities with accurate pricing.

    Identify exposure to denied parties and sanctioned entities.

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