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Kaiko Insights: April 2024 Recap

May 6th, 2024

In April 2024, Kaiko attended several prominent conferences, including the LTP Liquidity Summit in Hong Kong, Token2049 in Dubai, Paris Blockchain Week, and Southeast Asia Blockchain Week in Bangkok, Thailand.

In our April Insights Recap, we will dive into a few of the key topics we discussed at these events, giving an industry leader’s perspective on the current state of the digital assets market and how we can address key issues with our leading data products.

LTP Liquidity Summit | Hong Kong

The Kaiko APAC team headed to Hong Kong earlier in the month for LTP’s Liquidity 2024 Summit. Kaiko’s Head of APAC Sales, Sean Lawrence, moderated a panel titled “The Buy Side View: The Halving & Spot ETFs.” The discussions centered around regulatory challenges in cryptocurrency custody and banking services, emphasizing the need for trust, collaboration, and compliance adherence. Speakers highlighted regulatory uncertainties, compliance requirements, and risk assessment as significant hurdles that must be addressed for progress in banking relationships for crypto activities. The introduction of Bitcoin ETFs in the US market was seen as a milestone, granting traditional firms access to Bitcoin and altering perceptions of cryptocurrency’s potential.

TOKEN2049 | Dubai

We made our way to a storm-struck Token2049 in Dubai to explore the rapidly growing crypto market in the region. Key takeaways were that real-world asset tokenization is evolving rapidly, the gap between trad-fi and web3 is very much closing and BTC and ETH maintain their position as solid assets. Kaiko’s participation in Token2049 provided valuable opportunities for collaboration and exploration of the Middle Eastern market’s potential. We look forward to the next one in Singapore!

Paris Blockchain Week | Paris

Located just a stone’s throw from Kaiko’s global HQ, the team attended Paris Blockchain Week hosted again at the Louvre Museum. Industry leaders discussed exciting prospects for 2024, as growing recognition of blockchain technology’s significance and utility continues to encourage adoption by traditional finance. We were thrilled to have co-hosted a side event with our partner Bullish, providing a platform for networking and engaging conversations over French cuisine and wine.

Southeast Asia Blockchain Week | Bangkok

At Southeast Asia Blockchain Week, Kaiko’s Sales Director, Keith Yeo, spoke on a panel titled “Decoding Market Trends with On-Chain Data Analytics.” The panel explored the pivotal role of on-chain data analysis in promoting transparency and trust within the DeFi ecosystem. Panelists discussed the ability to verify transactions, monitor DeFi protocols, and gain investment confidence through on-chain data analysis. However, they also highlighted challenges surrounding data accuracy, accessibility, and interpretation, emphasizing the importance of separating signal from noise and leveraging user-friendly platforms.

Networking Drinks with XReg | Gibraltar

Kaiko had the opportunity to host a successful drinks and networking event with XReg Consulting, marking our entry into the Gibraltar market. It was an exciting opportunity for us to connect with industry professionals in the area, forging new relationships and expanding our network within the crypto and digital assets community. As we continue to grow and explore new horizons, events like these play a crucial role in fostering collaboration and driving innovation. We’re grateful for the warm reception we received and look forward to furthering our presence in Gibraltar and beyond.

Kaiko’s participation in major industry events worldwide reinforces the company’s commitment to stay at the forefront of emerging trends and developments. We are grateful for the opportunity to forge collaborations and share expertise among industry leaders.

As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, Kaiko remains dedicated to empowering businesses with industrial-grade and regulatory-compliant data, ensuring seamless integration between traditional finance and the blockchain ecosystems. Catch us next at FT Crypto and Digital Assets London and Coindesk’s Consensus Austin!

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