Kaiko to provide reference rates for Cboe Digital’s futures settlement

Kaiko strengthens its relationship with Delta Exchange.

October 5th, 2023

Kaiko together with Delta Exchange, deliver high-quality market data to traders, enabling informed decisions and strategy optimization in the crypto derivatives market.

Kaiko, the leading source of cryptocurrency market data, analytics, indices, and research, today announced that it is partnering Delta Exchange, a digital assets derivatives exchange that offers Futures and Options trading across Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many other altcoins.

This strengthening in relationship will allow Kaiko to deliver Delta Exchange’s market data in a high-quality, institutional manner.

Delta Exchange is a leading Crypto Options exchange offering daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly expiry on Bitcoin and Ethereum. It also offers Perpetual Swaps and Futures on BTC, ETH and other Altcoins, whilst also providing Vanilla options on BTC and ETH, daily and monthly. 

Kaiko’s leading position in the industry combined with Delta Exchange’s innovative derivatives trading platform, means traders now have access to tick trades, top-of-book, full order book data, and derivatives metrics. This is both historical and real-time data available through STREAM, REST API, and Cloud file delivery. This data empowers both traders to make more informed decisions, optimize their trading strategies, and navigate the cryptocurrency market with increased confidence.

This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing timely, trusted information, from all markets, on all networks. Kaiko combining efforts with Delta Exchange is key in responding to growing demand for crypto derivatives for both the retail and institutional space.

Elodie de Marchi, COO at Kaiko said “We are excited to bring Delta Exchange’s dataset to Kaiko’s clients, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and navigate the cryptocurrency market confidently, reinforcing our commitment to delivering trusted information across all markets”.

CEO and co-founder of Delta Exchange Pankaj Balani, added “Our partnership and integration with Kaiko is a big step in the evolution of the Crypto Options market. A large number of traders look to consume Delta Exchange Futures & Options data in processed formats for their trading strategies. This integration will bring a massive boost to the algo trading activity in the Crypto Options market.”

For more information about Kaiko, visit www.kaiko.com. 

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