Kaiko Launches Data+: The Ultimate Crypto Research Tool

Unpacking Davos 2023: Our Top 5 Insights

February 22nd, 2023

Last month, Kaiko was in Davos, Switzerland, attending GBBC’s annual blockchain central Davos. Our COO, Elodie de Marchi spoke on the panel titled Crypto Data Analytics and Growth of the Ecosystem.

Elodie was joined by Caroline Malcolm (Global Head of Public Policy at Chainanalysis), Neha Narula (Director of Digital Currency Initiative at MIT Media Lab), Vanessa Grellet (Managing Partner at Aglaé Ventures), and moderated by John Salmon (Technology Partner at Hogan Lovells). The group dove into how crypto data can best support the growth of the ecosystem. Our key takeaways from the discussion are highlighted below.

  • Market data is increasingly important to regulators in order to ensure the integrity of the market and to keep up with market trends. With this data, regulators can monitor the activities of the market, identify potential risks that could lead to market instability, and take action to prevent these risks from occurring.
  • In addition to financial market data, a complementary dataset with KYC and AML controls will help ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Crypto analytics data is key to understanding the overall market, managing your own portfolio risks, and understanding counterparty risk. Data that provides a complete view of the market can best help to prevent fraud.
  • The recent FTT event reminded us of the importance of financial market data and analytics. Market capitalization is not sufficient to assess risk. To accurately understand market movements and risks, liquidity metrics are key.
  • A strong liquidity ranking system should consider three criteria to determine the inherent liquidity risk: volume, market depth, and spreads. Kaiko’s historical and live order books allow for this level of deep liquidity analysis with our average depth, slippage, and spread data at granularities ranging from 1 minute to 1 day.

If you require high-level, regulation-compliant data to allow you to mitigate market risk, contact us here or reach out to a member of our sales team at sales@kaiko.com.

Watch the replay here:

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