Price Rates

Single asset cryptocurrency price rates for financial professionals seeking the broadest coverage.

Complete Suite of Clean Prices.

Designed to bring greater transparency to pricing, these are rules-based and independent rates established from executed trades from centralised exchanges.

Each Price Rate is calculated real-time (every 5 seconds), as well as being published as a daily fixing covering three different time zones: London (16:00 UTC), Singapore (08:00 UTC), New York (20:00 UTC).

Exchanges due diligence

All centralized exchanges are assessed and only the most trustworthy are considered to compose the curated list of exchanges

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Liquidity optimization

From a curated list of exchanges, an optimization process selects the most relevant exchanges whose combination provides the highest liquidity

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Robust Aggregation Method

A Volume-Weighted median combined with a TWAP reflect fair prices derived from relevant transactions coming from the selected exchanges

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Quarterly reviewed

Every quarter, the composition of each rate is reviewed to ensure these rates are aligned with current market conditions.

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List of Rates


Kaiko Digital Asset Rates Rulebook

Covers the different steps involved in the construction of the Kaiko Digital Asset Rates

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