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Tax, Audit, and Accounting.

FASB crypto reporting requirements are now obligatory for businesses. Our compliant crypto pricing services guarantee Fair Market Value (FMV) prices for accounting and reporting purposes.

Make Compliance Seamless

Accurate reporting requires transparent and replicable data sources. Kaiko pricing services are in compliance with IFRS and GAAP standards, and leveraged by some of the industry’s biggest tax and accounting firms.

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  • Fair Value Prices
    Rich and complete price feeds for thousands of crypto assets, optimal for historical and ongoing transaction reporting.

  • Auditable and Replicable
    Detailed audit trails for all crypto prices, guaranteeing compliance with reporting requirements.

  • Seamless Integrations
    Our powerful APIs can power any software service, guaranteeing accurate reporting for your clients.

Dan Howitt


Kaiko greatly enhances our offering with robust crypto valuations that accurately mirror market liquidity. Their service offers thorough audits and in-depth traces, clearly explaining the processes used to derive these valuations.”

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Kaiko Products for Tax, Audit, and Accounting

  • Pricing Services

    Fair value prices for all assets, guaranteeing accounting-compliant mark-to-matrix approach, especially for illiquid markets.

  • Wallet Data

    Aggregated transactions for all blockchain wallets, enabling powerful transaction analysis of on-chain token holdings.

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