Kaiko to provide reference rates for Cboe Digital’s futures settlement

Tax, Audit, and Accounting.

Crypto reporting requirements will soon be a regulatory obligation for businesses. Our digital asset pricing services guarantee Fair Market Value (FMV) pricing for a range of reporting use cases.

Power every step with precision

Accurate reporting requires trusted data sources. Kaiko pricing services are in compliance with IRS, IFRS, and US-GAAP standards, and leveraged by some of the industry’s biggest tax and accounting firms.

  • Validate Historical Transactions
    Accurately report crypto asset transactions, including fair value assessments and tax disclosures.

  • Guarantee Compliance
    Calculate capital gains and losses and compute capital requirements, in compliance with existing reporting requirements.

  • Leverage Independent Data 
    Our transparent and independent data is not influenced by an entity, guaranteeing trustworthy reporting.

Kaiko Products for Tax, Audit, and Accounting

  • Pricing Services

    Fair value prices for all assets, guaranteeing accounting-compliant mark-to-matrix approach, especially for illiquid markets.

  • Wallet Data

    Aggregated transactions for all blockchain wallets, enabling powerful transaction analysis of on-chain token holdings.

  • Risk Metrics

    Value-at-Risk and portfolio tools designed for professional risk management.

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