Kaiko Launches Data+: The Ultimate Crypto Research Tool

Kaiko partners with TP ICAP, extending its offering to Forex Converted Rates.


Kaiko is pleased to announce our partnership with TP ICAP, one of the leading providers of FX market data.

The partnership will provide Kaiko with market-leading FX rates and enable it to enhance its Digital Asset Rates offering by incorporating additional fiat currency conversions.

Kaiko Forex Converted Rates will now include denominations in leading fiat currencies including; AUD, CHF, EUR, GBP, and JPY, with other major currencies available on request. This wide selection of Forex Converted Rates will empower crypto market participants with more accurate and relevant data for various uses, including use in investible products.

Facilitate Cross-Currency Valuation:
  • Auditors, accountants, and asset managers can now use Kaiko Forex Converted Rates to overcome the challenge of determining cryptocurrency values in different fiat currencies.
  • By utilizing TP ICAP FX data to convert Kaiko’s Digital Rates, clients can overcome the illiquidity of non-USD quoted pairs, ensuring accurate fixing and real-time market values.
Empower Arbitrage Strategies and Issue Investible Products:
  • Traders can utilize Forex Converted Rates to execute effective arbitrage strategies
  • Product issuers can rely on Kaiko Digital Asset Rates quoted in major currencies to underpin investible products.

Kaiko Rates and Indices

  • Digital Asset Rates

    Trusted and reliable single-asset rates, optimal for valuation and reporting.

  • Indices

    A comprehensive suite of indices benchmarking the top digital assets.

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