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Kaiko empowers Web3 builders with actionable and reliable crypto data solutions.

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We offer the only consolidated source for DeFi data, covering every swap, mint, and burn across 10k+ pools. Our data is trusted by Web3 leaders including Aave, Nansen, Pyth, Chainlink, and TraderJoe.

  • Deep DeFi Insights
    The only consolidated source for information on swaps for thousands of liquidity pools.

  • Full History and Real-Time
    All transactions since the network’s inception and the industry’s only real-time DeFi stream.

  • Comprehensive Coverage
    The leading protocols on Ethereum, BSC, and Avalanche.

  • Fully Normalized
    Standardized data formats enabling seamless consumption.

  • Versatile Data Delivery
    CSV File Export, REST API, and real-time streaming.

Powerful Data for Deep Insights

  • DEX Trade Data

    Highly-granular tick-level and aggregated data for the most liquid decentralized exchanges.

  • DEX Liquidity Pools

    Mints, burns and token reserves collected block-by-block for thousands of pools.

  • Lending & Borrowing

    Transactions, lending rates and pool liquidity for the leading lending protocols.

  • Wallet Data

    All users, all transactions, and all history for blockchain wallets, in an easily-consumable format.


  • Strategy Backtesting
    Use historical DEX data to build and test strategies.

  • Monitoring
    Leverage real-time data to monitor the dynamics of liquidity pools.

  • Research
    Analyze historical liquidity and trends with tick-level DeFi data.

  • Due Diligence
    Validate on-chain holdings and historical transactions with Wallet Data.

  • Treasury Management
    Monitor positions with highly-granular L&B data for deep insights into lending protocols.

  • Oracles
    Power DeFi protocols with outlier-resistant price feeds.

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    The definitive guide to decentralized exchange market data.
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Defi Data Updates

  • Product


    Kaiko Expands DeFi Coverage: Pancakeswap and Traderjoe

    Kaiko is further expanding its DeFi data coverage to include Pancakeswap on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Traderjoe on Avalanche, covering various data types across both platforms.


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  • Product


    Kaiko launches DeFi Lending & Borrowing data

    Market data available across leading ethereum L&B protocols encourages transparency around blockchain lending activity.


    Read More
  • Partnerships


    Kaiko and Nansen Join Forces to Create a Comprehensive Data Tool for DEX and CEX Markets

    Leveraging Nansen’s wallet data and Kaiko’s market data, this partnership offers users a holistic view across both centralized (CEX) and decentralized (DEX) exchanges.


    Read More

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