Happy Holidays from Kaiko: A Year in Review

December 19, 2018

Happy Holidays from Kaiko: A Year in Review

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The Kaiko team would like to wish you a happy holiday season and take some time to reflect on the progress we have made this past year. From the crypto-mania of last December to the prolonged bear market we are currently experiencing, we have maintained our focus and priorities on building the low-latency infrastructure of this new asset class. Throughout the course of this year, we integrated with many new exchanges, released our cloud-based Data Feed delivery option, launched our professional API services, solidified several strategic partnerships, and powered multiple academic research reports. With scores of projects in the works, we are preparing for a busy start to the new year.


Data Feed Delivery: Flat-Files Through the Cloud

All serious financial actors know that a daily Data Feed is a critical source of stable data should other delivery mechanisms experience downtime. We listened to our client needs and spent the first few months of the year developing our cloud-based Data Feed for historical and on-going market data. 

With our global cloud-based infrastructure, we can sync large amounts of data to your preferred data repository (AWS, GCS, Azure, custom) through a one-off historical data dump or with daily updates of on-going data, depending on your requirements. Whether you are interested in a specific data type, exchange, currency pair, or asset—our Data Feed enables us to set-up an automatic daily push of all data.

Our Data Feed serves as the core backbone to all other delivery options, providing a stable and consistent daily data reference.


API Services: Powering Your Application

Kaiko offers the same quality data across several delivery channels. In the early fall, we launched our much-anticipated API services, providing access to a stream of real-time low-latency cryptocurrency market data. Our API grants access to our data offerings, including raw tick-by-tick trade data, OHLCV, volume weighted average price, and transaction count.

With virtually no rate limits, we make it possible to power any data-backed application. Additionally, our API can be used for data visualizations, third party integrations, backtesting, research, aggregations and more. API access includes all integrated exchanges and up to five years of normalized historical data. 

As we prepare to add new endpoints, we would love to hear from you about what data aggregations to prioritize. 


Strategic Partnerships: Broadening Our Reach

Towards the end of the year, we focused on building partnerships with key market players.

We are proud to have finalized a partnership with BSO, the award-winning Ethernet network, cloud, and hosting provider. Together, we will deliver real-time market data with direct connectivity to clients from connected cryptocurrency exchanges. 
The first implementation will see BSO delivering a live-streaming low-latency, secure market data feed for current investors of Gemini, the first cryptocurrency exchange to have collocated its servers in an institutional-grade data centre. This enables a cross-connect to be implemented, thereby granting Kaiko clients direct access to exchange data.   

We are also excited to be feeding market data through Chainlink, a leader in decentralized oracle networks and secure smart contracts. We will be providing a consistent and secure market data source for smart contracts.

Be sure to look out for more exciting partnership announcements in the coming months!

A Year of Kaiko-Powered Research

This year, we want to highlight some of the ways in which Kaiko market data has been used for academic research. Increasingly so, academic institutions have taken an interest in exploring the cryptoassets market by researching the economics of the space. This can only be done through access to normalized, raw trade data which we provide at a discount to researchers. 

Kaiko data has been used for research on:


What Are You Looking For?

As we expand our product offerings, we would love to hear about what types of data our clients are interested in. How do you use cryptocurrency market data? Are there any endpoints or features that you have been searching for, not found anywhere else in the market? Please reach out to us at hello@kaiko.com or visit our contact page on our website

We value all client input and seek to tailor our products to your specific needs.


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