Kaiko Launches Data+: The Ultimate Crypto Research Tool

Kaiko Launches Data+

The Ultimate Crypto Research Tool

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The crypto industry’s leading liquidity data is now at your fingertips. 

We are pleased to announce the launch of Data+, a simple yet powerful data visualization platform designed for deep market insights. Data+ enables any analyst to explore crypto trade and order book data with unparalleled precision.

Key features include:

25+ charts powered by Kaiko’s trade and order book data

Comprehensive coverage of BTC/ETH

Dozens of CEXs and DEXs

Up to 1 year of historical data

Customize charts with data from the exchanges you care about

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What’s included? 

Data+ gives you the tools to create your own insights. Build and analyze charts with a seamless set of features:

Access unique data such as average trade size, market depth, trade volume, and market share

Toggle between aggregated and granular views

Download or embed charts into your research

Customize timeframes (1y, 3m, 1m, 1w)

Include or exclude specific exchanges in your data visualization

Implement asset filters, and more.


Data+ is designed for professionals who require in-depth liquidity insights for crypto assets. Whether you are an experienced trader, financial analyst, portfolio manager, or researcher, Data+ caters to your need for advanced tools and granular data with a simple interface.

What Types of Analysis?

With Data+, you can explore an asset’s market structure at a high-level or at the exchange-level, looking at trades, order books and price data. The customization features let you pick and choose which exchange sources you want.

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Which Data Types?

Data+ is powered by Asset Metrics, the ultimate data product for analyzing crypto liquidity. Asset Metrics aggregates trade and order book data across all instruments and exchanges in our coverage.

Data+ includes 25+ charts featuring trade and order book data for a crypto asset, with a view into any centralized or decentralized exchange.

Key charts include:

Trade Volume

Trade Count

Market Share of Volume

Market Depth

Bid vs. Ask Depth

U.S. vs. Global Exchange Depth

Realized Volatility

YTD Returns

And more…

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    Kaiko Launches Data+

    Kaiko is pleased to announce the launch of Data+, a data visualization platform designed for highly granular market analysis. Empower your research with a simple yet powerful dashboard designed for deep liquidity insights and market monitoring.


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