Data Feed

Receive historical and subscription data directly to your cloud provider. We support AWS S3, Google storage, and Azure blob storage and other providers. 

Cloud providers provide robust storage services that will help you store your data. This eases the integration setup to feed whatever system you choose to integrate the data with.

In case you do not have an account we suggest going with Amazon Web Services which is the major provider and has the longest track record. 


  • Open
  • Create a new bucket in the region of your choice. We suggest calling the bucket kaiko-delivery-nameofyourcompany
  • We suggest you use the us-east-1 region unless you already are using a different region as your main presence.
  • Leave the properties on the default setting  
  • On the Set permissions tab press Add account and use the following id:
  • Check all the checkboxes for permissions and press Save
  • Ensure that the permissions dialog resembles the following:
  • Enter the details into this form
  • You should receive a confirmation email within a few working days confirming that the integration was set up correctly

For other cloud providers

Click the contact us button in the bottom right corner to get things started